Before and After 2 Months

written by on August 12th, 2011

Okay, so I don’t have the body of a sports model but I think I look pretty good, especially since starting this 4hour body program. The slow carb diet, combined with the athletic greens, and cutting back on my workouts, (yes, I said cutting back) have given me the results I was after, which was to reduce the cellulite everyone says is impossible to lose because of where the cellulite lays. However, compared to my “Before” photos, I can see the difference. I thought I lost my before photo, I wasn’t going to  post only the after photos, but I found it! Even though I’m shy to post these, I’m going to do it because so many of you said it would be inspiring. It’s hard to see the actual cellulite in the photos but I assure you it is much better and you can see that I’ve tightened up and lost inches. It may be because I’ve gained muscle and lost the fat from the Perfect Posterior Exercises that I  did inconsistently, that lifted everything up, thus making the appearance of the cellulite less. Either way, I feel and look better than ever. So, here it goes…..
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